origami death mask

my name is claire. 23 year old kcai alum, class of 2013. i am a freelance illustrator based in memphis, tn. i like black ink, magical realism, and the office.

i do not claim to own the content posted on this blog unless i say so.

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Vintage Biba Make Up

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ppl who think that saying “I love you” to someone a lot makes it lose it’s meaning are so boring literally what could make you think that? if someone tells you they love you like 3 times in an hour it means that 3 separate times they were sitting there and thinking about you and how wonderful you are like. smh. say I love you to everyone that you love as often as possible bc sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are people who love you

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You say I’m wearing too much black but all I hear is I look great

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Takato Yamamoto


Takato Yamamoto

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took a few pictures with straydogclaire tonight.

my friend Sam took some great photos of me in my studio space today

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Versus S/S 2015


Versus S/S 2015

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